What is TeamMate Analytics?

TeamMate Analytics is a purpose-built software empowering auditors with data-driven decision-making throughout the audit workflow.

The tool helps businesses seamlessly analyse large datasets from various sources, like financial systems and spreadsheets, to uncover hidden trends and patterns through pre-built templates and dashboards. It has powerful data visualisation tools, like interactive charts and graphs to transform complex data into clear and concise insights, readily shared with stakeholders for improved collaboration and assurance. This Excel-based platform democratises data analytics for every auditor, enhancing audit efficiency and effectiveness while adding credibility to reports.

What makes TeamMate Analytics strong?

  • Unlike a generic data analysis tools, TeamMate Analytics is specifically designed for auditing tasks. Its pre-built templates, libraries of audit-specific tests, and familiar terminology cater to auditors' needs and workflows, eliminating the need for extensive data analysis expertise.
  • TeamMate Analytics packs a powerful punch under the hood. It can handle large datasets from diverse sources, perform complex analyses, and identify hidden trends and anomalies that traditional audit methods might miss.
  • Compelling data visualisations in the form of charts, graphs, and dashboards translate complex findings into clear and easy-to-understand stories. This facilitates communication with stakeholders, enhances collaboration, and adds credibility to audit reports.
  • TeamMate Analytics adapts to various audit needs and sizes. Its modular design allows you to start with core functionalities and gradually expand as your expertise or team grows. Additionally, its ability to integrate with other audit and accounting software fosters a holistic view of your data.

All features

  • Test Library
  • Data Manipulation
  • Workflow of Tests
  • Continuous Auditing and Monitoring
  • Data Visualisation
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Visual Discovery
  • Real Time Analytics





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Who uses TeamMate Analytics ?

Singapore Airlines

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