What is Sisense Fusion?

Established in 2004, Sisense initially concentrated on research and development without formally promoting its products until 2010.

Specializing in business intelligence software, Sisense Fusion, the company creates a platform enabling users to access and analyze substantial datasets. Sisense's BI software is crafted to empower organizations in transforming intricate data into valuable insights that facilitate well-informed decision-making.

Sisense Fusion is an extension of the Sisense analytics platform that focuses on embedded analytics. It allows businesses to integrate analytics directly into their applications, products, or services. Sisense Fusion is designed to provide a seamless and customized analytics experience for end-users within the context of their existing applications.

What makes Sisense Fusion strong?

  • Sisense Fusion enables users to embed analytics seamlessly into their applications, providing a cohesive experience for end-users. The platform also allows for white-labeling, allowing businesses to customize the appearance to match their brand.
  • Users can create and customize widgets and dashboards tailored to their specific application or industry requirements. This flexibility allows for a more personalized and relevant analytics experience.
  • Sisense Fusion provides JavaScript APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that developers can leverage to integrate analytics functionality into their applications. This allows for a high degree of customization and control over how analytics are presented and utilized.
  • The platform includes features for user authentication and security, ensuring that access to analytics is controlled and secure. This is crucial when embedding analytics in applications accessed by different users.
  • Sisense Fusion is designed to scale with the needs of growing businesses. It can handle large datasets and accommodate an increasing number of users and applications.
  • Sisense Fusion may incorporate AI and machine learning capabilities, allowing businesses to derive advanced insights from their embedded analytics.
  • For businesses serving multiple clients or operating in a multi-tenant environment, Sisense Fusion offers support for managing and segregating data and analytics for different users or entities.
  • Sisense Fusion may include features for optimizing the embedded analytics experience on mobile devices, ensuring that users can access insights on the go.

All features

  • Customizable Widgets and Dashboards
  • Interactive Visualizations
  • Blox
  • Reports
  • Embedding and White-Labeling
  • JavaScript APIs
  • User Authentication and Security
  • Scalability
  • AI and Machine Learning Integration
  • Multi-Tenancy Support
  • Mobile Optimization





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