Developed byApple Inc.

What is Freeform?

Freeform is an application designed for creative brainstorming and collaboration by Apple, available on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It helps users organize and layout content by offering an infinite canvas without worrying about page sizes or limits.

Freeform is more than a blank canvas. It includes features such as sticky notes, customizable shapes, and the ability to import documents, photos, videos, and audio. The application supports a wide range of files, allowing collaboration without leaving the board, including website and map location links, images taken or scanned via iPhone and iPad cameras, and more. Collaborators can even use Freeform during a FaceTime call.

What makes Freeform strong?

  • Usage up to 100 collaborators
  • Boards are stored in iCloud allowing synchronisation across devices

All features

  • A wide variety of brushes and colors
  • Shape library with over 700 options to choose from
  • Personalised shapes creation
  • Content drag & drop
  • FaceTime call within the app

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