What is CorelDRAW ?

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a professional graphic design and layout software suite developed by Corel Corporation. It is a collection of several software applications specifically designed for graphic design, illustration, photo editing, typography, and web graphics.

The suite's flagship program, CorelDRAW, is a vector graphics editor that allows users to create and edit vector illustrations, which are images composed of lines and curves that can be scaled infinitely without losing quality.

What makes CorelDRAW strong?

  • CorelDRAW excels at creating and manipulating vector graphics, which are scalable without losing quality. This makes it ideal for logos, illustrations, icons, and technical drawings.
  • CorelDRAW's tools for object manipulation are intuitive and precise, allowing for detailed control over shapes, paths, and fills.
  • CorelDRAW boasts a wealth of built-in effects and filters for adding shadows, textures, transparency, and other visual enhancements.
  • Corel provides a plethora of tutorials, documentation, and community resources to help users learn the software effectively.
  • Features like Live Symmetry, Block Shadow, and PowerClip streamline design processes, saving time and effort.

All features

  • Block Shadow
  • Symmetry
  • Vector Illustration
  • Page Layout
  • Font Management
  • Photo Editing
  • Non-destructive Editing
  • Flexible Design Space


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Who uses CorelDRAW ?

Abbott Labaratories