What is Loom?

Loom is a tool for creating and sharing brief videos, commonly employed for communication, collaboration, and instructional purposes. Its capabilities encompass screen and camera recording, video editing, transcription, and the ability to share the resulting video link.

The company, founded in 2015 in San Francisco, California, introduced Loom's Chrome extension in June 2016 for screen and face recording, followed by the launch of the desktop app in August 2018. After launching the iOS app in 2020 and the Android app in 2021, Loom was acquired by Atlassian in 2023.

What makes Loom strong?

  • Loom enables users to capture their computer screen while recording a video, making it useful for creating tutorials, walkthroughs, or presentations.
  • Users can also include a webcam feed in their video, allowing for a more personal touch in communication.
  • Loom simplifies the process of sharing videos. Users can easily share video messages through links, making it convenient for collaboration and communication.
  • Viewers can provide feedback by commenting on videos, and there's an option for adding emoji reactions, facilitating interactive communication.
  • Loom offers options to control the privacy settings of videos. Users can choose to share videos publicly or keep them private for a more limited audience.
  • Loom integrates with various collaboration and productivity tools like Slack, Google Workspace, and others, allowing for seamless sharing and communication within existing workflows.
  • Loom provides flexibility in recording options, allowing users to record the entire screen, a specific application window, or just the webcam.
  • Loom offers basic editing features, allowing users to trim, cut, or edit their videos before sharing them.
  • Loom has a mobile app that allows users to record and share videos directly from their mobile devices.

All features

  • Screen Recording
  • Webcam Recording
  • Quick Sharing
  • Commenting and Reactions
  • Privacy and Security Features
  • Integration with Other Tools
  • Recording Options
  • Editing Features






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