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What is Canto?

Canto is a digital asset management (DAM) solution that empowers organizations to centralize, organize, and optimize their valuable digital assets – from images and videos to documents and multimedia content.

Its robust platform provides functionalities for seamless asset storage, tagging, and search, version control, collaboration tools, and secure access control, streamlining workflows and maximizing the ROI of a digital library.

What makes Canto strong?

  • Canto offers a rich suite of tools exceeding basic DAM functionalities. Its intuitive search, advanced metadata management, AI-powered automation, and integrations with creative suites solidify its position as a versatile solution for complex asset needs.
  • Canto prioritises ease of use. Its web-based interface is sleek and intuitive, minimising training time and maximising adoption across various departments.
  • Canto takes data security seriously with robust encryption, access control, and audit trails. Additionally, its infrastructure handles large asset volumes with ease, accommodating growth without performance hitches.

All features

  • Document Management
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Asset Categorisation
  • Social Media Integration
  • File Management
  • Document Storage
  • Electronic Forms
  • File Transfer





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