Motion Graphics and Visual Effects (VFX)

Motion graphics in the most straightforward definition are graphics in motion and movement or animated graphic design. They are a unique way of adding depth to the story and communicating. Motion Graphics stand under the general term "animation". However, unlike other animation fields, animated graphics do not have a "natural" way of animating. Motion graphics bring the design element in by adding time and space to it to create "movement". Motion graphics have a variety of use cases such as branding, explanatory videos, movie title sequences and more...

Motion design tools help designers study different components of motion such as speed, movement, and typography.

Visual Effects is the general term used to describe imagery or effects used and manipulated for film/ video making that doesn't take place during the shooting but post-shooting. The shot footage and the manipulated imagery are combined and integrated to create new environments or contexts. Visual effects involve computer-generated imagery (CGI) and VFX software products are used to bring it to life.