Knowledge Management & Note Taking

Knowledge management is the process of finding, collecting, storing, evaluating, and sharing all the valuable information within an organisation. It involves gathering answers to questions and recording them down in ways that are easy to understand, for example in step-by-step articles, videos, or images.  

The goal of knowledge management software is to store and share information so that employees, clients, and vendors can all benefit from it. By storing this information in one place, businesses can save time while being sure that everybody is working from the same, accurate and easy-to-find data. 

Knowledge management systems have several potential uses for businesses, including internal training, the dissemination of project and process best practices, and creating FAQs.

Note-taking software allows team members to write down important notes, daily tasks, and project to-dos. This software is used alongside the knowledge management system to store these data and has the advantage of allowing team members to collaborate.