What is Smartly.io?

Smartly.io is a SaaS platform for digital advertising, empowering businesses of all sizes to plan, create, manage, and optimise their campaigns across multiple channels. It is a cloud-based software platform specifically designed for digital advertising which offers tools for every stage of the advertising process, from planning and budgeting to campaign execution and reporting. Smartly.io supports various advertising channels, including social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snap, etc.), search engines (Google, Bing), and programmatic advertising.

Smartly.io's Powerful Features:

Automates time-consuming tasks: Manage bids, budgets, and ad creation automatically to save time and effort.

Optimises campaigns for performance: Utilise AI-powered algorithms to improve campaign performance and achieve better results.

Provides data-driven insights: Gain valuable insights into your campaign performance through detailed reports and analytics.

Personalises ad experiences: Create and deliver personalised ads that are relevant to each user.

Collaborates across teams: Facilitate communication and collaboration between marketing teams and agencies working on different channels.

What makes Smartly.io strong?

  • Smartly.io utilises advanced AI algorithms to automate time-consuming tasks and optimise campaigns for maximum performance.
  • Smartly.io eliminates the need for manual intervention and ensures efficient allocation of advertising budget.
  • Smartly.io manages campaigns across a wide range of advertising channels, including social media, search engines, and programmatic platforms.
  • Smartly.io provides detailed reports and analytics that offer deep insights into campaign performance.
  • Smartly.io leverages AI to personalise ad experiences for individual users, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

All features

  • Automated Ads
  • Live Data Feeds
  • Predictive Budget Allocation
  • Creator Connect
  • AI Lab
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Dynamic Image & Video Templates
  • Campaign Management
  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Social Media Monitoring





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Who uses Smartly.io ?

Ralph Lauren
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines