What is Sanity?

Sanity is a modern headless content management system (CMS) that empowers businesses and creators to manage and deliver dynamic content across any platform or device, with unparalleled flexibility and agility. Sanity is a comprehensive content platform that features an open-source CMS tailored for contemporary organisations of all scales, particularly catering to designers, developers, and collaborative teams.

The platform's editing environment, known as Sanity Studio and developed using React.js, offers swift configuration and flexible customisation for content workflows. This adaptable setting allows teams to efficiently edit content while dealing with reusable and structured content elements.

Sanity facilitates live multi-user editing, change tracking, real-time collaboration, and additional functionalities. Its Content Lake permits content storage in Sanity's fully managed cloud, accessible through the Sanity API. The Image Pipeline feature allows on-demand upload and transformation of images, managing aspects like colors, sizes, geo-location, and other metadata. Additional Sanity attributes encompass portable text, rule-based designs, live previews, revision history, and more.

What makes Sanity strong?

  • Decoupling content from presentation empowers developers to build bespoke experiences using any technology stack, enhancing agility and future-proofing content delivery across channels. This flexibility also allows content editors to define structures without limitations, adapting to unique needs and fostering innovative content models.
  • The intuitive and efficient GraphQL API simplifies content integration with any front-end framework or device. This streamlined approach reduces development complexity, improves performance, and enables real-time data updates for dynamic content experiences.
  • Sanity seamlessly delivers content across platforms and devices, from websites and mobile apps to digital displays and smart devices. This versatility empowers organisations to reach wider audiences and deliver consistent brand experiences regardless of the touchpoint.
  • Content creators and editors benefit from a highly intuitive and customisable Studio interface. This streamlines content creation, management, and collaboration, empowering non-technical teams to take ownership and efficiently manage content workflows.
  • Sanity's modular architecture allows for seamless integration of various third-party services and data sources. This composable approach avoids vendor lock-in, enhances platform flexibility, and simplifies content management by leveraging existing tools and services.
  • Sanity prioritises security with data encryption, access control, and regular updates. This ensures content integrity and protects sensitive information, building trust with clients and end users.

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  • Automated Publishing
  • Plugins
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • SEO Management
  • De-Coupled Front & Back Ends
  • Customisable Templates
  • Rich Text Editor
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