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What is Responsively?

Responsively is a web development tool that helps developers and designers ensure their websites and web applications are responsive, meaning they adapt to different screen sizes and devices. It provides a variety of features to test responsiveness across different viewports, simulate device gestures, and identify potential layout issues. It emulates various device viewports and screen sizes, allowing developers to test and refine their website's design and functionality across different platforms and resolutions. Additionally, features like synchronized user interactions and hot reloading for code changes enhance the testing process, saving developers time and effort while ensuring their website delivers an optimal user experience on all devices.

What makes Responsively strong?

  • Responsively goes beyond simply simulating devices, allowing for synchronized user interactions and hot reloading of code changes, significantly speeding up the testing process.
  • Real-time updates across team members on different devices foster smooth collaboration and efficient feedback loops.
  • Integrated tools for testing media queries and breakpoints help identify and fix layout issues across various devices.
  • The interface focuses on essential functionalities, avoiding distractions and simplifying the workflow.
  • Allows testing directly on real devices through BrowserStack's platform, providing real-world insights.
  • Developers can extend the tool's functionality through its API to automate tasks and integrate with other development tools.

All features

  • Viewport switching
  • Gesture emulation
  • Layout preview
  • Custom device profiles
  • Performance monitoring
  • Extension compatibility
  • Multiple browsers support
  • Mirrored interactions





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